Joint venture of Assure-IP and Longbridge Veterinary Services

Joint venture of Assure-IP and Longbridge Veterinary Services
15 Mar 2014

March 12th, 2014, Nottingham, UK

Joint venture of Assure-IP and Longbridge Veterinary Services will boost exports

Longbridge Veterinary Services and Assure-IP have united services with the aim of being at the forefront in sustaining the Meat and Dairy Industry and encouraging export business. Longbridge is the only dedicated Veterinary Health/Export certification company in the UK, giving the go ahead on thousands of export shipments every year and Assure-IP is the only certification body providing various certifications on one platform. Assure-IP’s certification system works on the principle of Identity Preservation (IP) which implies that every ingredient or component that goes into making of a product is traced back to its source and its integrity maintained throughout the Whole Supply Chain.

Both companies agreed to use expertise for better and wider auditing intelligence   thereby improving the authenticity and credibility of the certification system. This joint venture will create opportunities and open gateways for export of British and European products to Middle East, Far East and Asian countries. This will improve outcomes and the overall trade in the region.

“We are excited about being part of this new partnership that will create the gateway to a full service of the best quality,” said Elizabeth Grant, Managing Director of Longbridge.

“High quality, affordable and transparent auditing system is one of the biggest challenges facing the food industry, but it’s also an area where expertise and latest auditing techniques can make a huge difference,” said Mohammad Amir, CEO of Assure-IP.

Understanding the importance for businesses to adhere to food safety/hygiene  and animal welfare/ husbandry regulations and practices whilst improving performance and efficiency the cooperation of the two companies is designed to provide an innovative accurate, on-time and cost-effective solution for businesses.

Adhering to core values and having the benefit of shared knowledge our teams are looking forward to provide practical advice and guidance within an extensive range of services tailored to customer’s individual requirements that enables customers to do better what is best for them –trade!

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