HalalAssure-IP (HAIP) Revised Policy For Halal Slaughter-Man

HalalAssure-IP (HAIP) Revised Policy For Halal Slaughter-Man
01 Jan 2016

September 29th, 2015, Nottingham, UK

HalalAssure-IP (HAIP) Revised Policy For Halal Slaughter-Man

HAIP has closely observed human involvement at the time of slaughter, discussed with experts and studied reports published by animal welfare organizations, on welfare of animals during slaughtering. These observations highlight the fact that regardless of whether the animal is slaughtered as Halal or non-Halal, a well trained and experienced slaughter-man is crucial to achieving welfare at the time of slaughter. Bearing this in mind HalalAssure-IP (HAIP) has reissued its Halal Certification policy for abattoirs seeking Halal Certification from HAIP.

From December 1st, 2015 all abattoirs who wish to secure or renew Halal Certification under the HAIP standard will have to appoint a licensed slaughter-man trained and approved by HAIP. This will help to achieve greater animal welfare thus producing Halal and Tayyab meat. This policy will be inexpensive for abattoirs. The abattoirs will not have to bear the additional costs of appointing Halal monitors which in turn should reduce the cost of Halal meat. As well as having an economic impact this policy reassures consumer confidence in Halal and in the certifier.

To implement this policy HalalAssure-IP (HAIP) has designed an in-house Training course for Halal Slaughter-man. They will receive theory and practical training before approval and appointment at any abattoirs to perform Halal slaughtering. Halal Slaughter-man training will be delivered by industry experts who are well equipped in academic knowledge and industry experience.


For further information please contact: info@halalassure-ip.co.uk

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