New Product Development (NPD)

In order to grow in today’s competitive market; innovation is a fundamental prerequisite, a fact widely accepted by both academicians and managers. It is also an essential driver of the company’s long term success. Innovative companies are able to respond to industrial changes quicker than their non-innovative counter parts. Therefore many organizations have adopted innovation in their corporate strategy so that they can invent/ produce products bearing in mind the needs of the target customer. This enables them to create a competitive advantage and to stay ahead of the competition. During the last decades, a shift has been observed from the technology push innovation model to the market pull one, thus forcing companies to focus more on quality product rather than on internal efficiency, and to quickly identify changing customers? needs, to develop more complex products to satisfy those needs, and to provide higher level of customer supports and service. As a consequence, greater focus has been placed on new product development (NPD).

Assure-IP aims to support, promote and provide service to small and medium business operators who intend to inject their products in the highly competent market but are unable to do so due to lack of proper guidance. Globalization, lifestyle and eating habits are vital key factors to motivate and promote new products in the market. For any business it is very important to maintain the market demand up to date and provide sustainable, easy reachable and less time consumable goods.

Assure-IP will assist its clients with the entire process from concept to commercialization of a new product, or with part of it. Assure-IP will give independent advice on ingredient suppliers, equipment, and contract manufacturers.

  • Develop product concepts

  • Design formulations to specific conditions

  • Make contact with ingredient and packaging suppliers

  • Advise on production processes and process equipment

  • Organise production trials

  • Determine shelf life

  • Assist with product launches