If you are a small, medium or even large scale food business and keeping an eye on emerging trends in food industry for nutritional supplements & food, consumer expectations ?& demands, consumer awareness & preferences then its logical for you to add the essence of Nutraceutical to your ?conventional products.

Nutraceuticals are products that provide health and medicinal benefits, including the prevention and treatment of diseases in addition to the basic nutritional value found in foodstuff. Nutraceuticals are particularly of interest to the present generation because they have the potential to substantially reduce the expensive, high-tech, disease treatment.

Assure-IP will provide you 360 degree services for the development of Nutraceutical product which is preventive, costeffective, sustainable, income generating, culturally acceptable, feasible to implement, community participation and foster the development of environmentally sound food production systems. Such products will fetch higher prices in market and compete with branded products in the nutraceutical market, which is estimated to be US$250 billion by 2018 worldwide as reported by market research report in 2012.

Our services not only include product development but also ?business and product review, production procedures and facility assessment, product feasibility test, market research and market survey. We will also meet up with the decision makers and management team ?and follow lab trails, pilot trials as well as real time production, online quality control, finished product assessment.

So if you are looking to enter a market with tremendous potential, Assure-IP is the right place for you. We will assisst you in all your needs to make your product a leading brand in Nutraceutical market which will compete with established brands in the industry. Compared to your profit our services will be inexpensive, fast and successful;

  • Composition verification, Reformulation

  • Fortification

  • Facility assessment

  • Product feasibility test

  • Market research and survey

  • Lab trails followed by pilot trials

  • Real time production management

  • Online quality control

  • Finished product assessment

  • Label Declarations

  • Nutrition content and health claims