Trade Management

Food Import & Export Compliance

Assure-IP will help its clients with the sometimes complicated procedures and documentation that are required for importing or exporting foods; from knowledge about permitted foods and additives, to assistance with Customs declarations;

  • Assistance with import documentation
  • Assistance with export documentation
  • Advice on permitted composition
  • Advice on permitted additives
  • Label compliance with many jurisdictions

Assure-IP can provide mentoring support for any project. Mentoring will include on-going guidance for project, monitoring the progress of project and will also inform the client when it is time to change course. This will include;

  • Development of a mentoring programme
  • Team development
  • Ongoing guidance to ensure effective teamwork
  • Evaluation of project progress
Project Management

Projects of any kind need a structured approach. We offer help with choosing a project type that suits business needs, management and facilitation of UK, EU and International projects, detailed preparation, implementation and evaluation;

  • Compare and choose project type
  • Prepare detailed stages
  • Identify critical steps
  • Design the project calendar
  • Implement the project stages
  • Monitor progress
  • Evaluate effectiveness of the entire project